On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael devastated north Florida.
One year later we remain One North Florida Strong.

Now join us in a new endeavor:

One North Florida 365

This grassroots effort has three pillars:


Help us raise $365,000 to continue the recovery efforts across all 11 affected counties.


Rejuvenate the local tourism industry, support local businesses, put money directly into the local economy.


Help complete one of 365 hurricane recovery projects still waiting to be done.

One year ago Category 5 Hurricane Michael devastated north Florida. The storm destroyed communities and crops – but not the spirit of the people who live here. One North Florida is a grassroots effort to celebrate the strength of the people who call North Florida home – people who, for 365 days have been working, pulling together and fighting to rebuild their homes and communities.

This initiative is intended to remind these incredible people that they are not alone, and will never be forgotten. To celebrate their incredible spirit, their accomplishments and acknowledging the tough road ahead, join us in this endeavor to complete 365 hurricane recovery jobs in the region and raise $365,000.00.

This initiative is supported by NeverForgottenCoast.com, Mission850.com and the Community Foundation of North Florida in addition to the generous support of a number of people who have given of their time and talents to make this possible.

Community Foundation of North Florida
Never Forgotten Coast
Mission 850

There are three ways to GIVE

1: Support Small Towns

Donate to the Community Foundation of North Florida Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief Fund which supports recovery throughout the North Florida Region.

2: Support Mexico Beach

Donate to Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association to enable micro-grants to local businesses. Money donated here stays in Mexico Beach.


3: Mail a check

(Small Towns)
Community Foundation of North Florida
ATTN: Hurricane Michael
3600 Maclay Boulevard South, Suite 200
Tallahassee, FL 32312

- OR -

(Mexico Beach)
Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association
ATTN: Never Forgotten Coast
PO Box 13006
Mexico Beach, Fl 32410-3006

GO visit North Florida

One of the best ways to help in the recovery process is to go visit. By visiting a city in the affected region, even for just a few hours, you can spend money at local businesses to help economic recovery and you can learn about other ways to be a part of the solution for getting these communities back on their feet. These incredible people want to work hard and rebuild their business – let’s support them by visiting!


SERVE the people who still need help

No matter what your skill level, we have a job for you! Going to the region and serving is a great way to show your support Currently Mission 850, the nonprofit coordinating volunteers in the region, has 400+ job request in their database.

We are asking you to sign up and commit to serving one job before the end of the year.

From cleaning up yards, raking and sweeping floors to replacing worn tarps and cutting trees – we have something for each skill level. We are also looking for people with advanced skills such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, tree removal and fencing specialist.

The following button will take you to a form to submit. Once received, a recovery specialist will call and coordinate the perfect job for you and your group.